Medical marijuana is undoubtedly wonderful

I was so happy when I gained my medical marijuana card! For years plus years, I have been self-medicating with marijuana, and i have bad anxiety, PTSD, plus RLS, and the RLS symptoms are entirely the worst ailment, because my legs keep me from resting peacefully throughout the night.

  • I have anxiety plus PTSD from years plus years in the military.

I spent multiple years drinking alcohol plus it was becoming a problem, some friends of mine advocated marijuana, which I had not tried since I was in school, and after I realized that marijuana could help with all of my ailments, I began using the drug every morning. A year ago, my state legalized medical marijuana. I had to wait multiple weeks before a list of medical professionals was announced. I met with a physician plus they agreed that medical marijuana was a superb treatment option for all of my symptoms plus trouble. I have had the medical marijuana card for a few weeks now plus I suppose much better smoking marijuana legally. I don’t worry about getting in trouble, because I have a prescription for marijuana. There are three dispensaries in my neighborhood plus all of them are only a short driving distance… My favorite dispensary carries edibles. They consistently have a variety of pot brownies, space cake, gummy worms, plus strenuous candies, however edibles are good for a full body high that is relaxing… Unfortunately, occasionally the edibles make me suppose undoubtedly weary. They genuinely are not something that I can use during the morning, when I need to work. I enjoy an uplifting sativa or hybrid strain for morningtime use.

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