Medical products

The Federal Drug Administration, or FDA, is the bureaucratic arm of the government that  is tasked with approving plus disapproving any form of medication that is used for the treatment of diseases and conditions in the US. One thing that must be completed prior to any introduction of a modern medication is clinical studies to ensure the medication’s safety plus side effects; When it comes to tablets or lozenges that can lower blood pressure, help control blood sugars, plus even reduce cholesterol, it seems that these drugs get approved rather suddenly; However, as you hear the commercials plus the list of side effects that result from taking these medications you are forced to wonder if there should have been more testing completed. When it comes to the approval of medications plus treatments that can folks who suffer from chronic pain plus even provide relief to those who suffer from debilitating anxiety, it seems that the FDA drags his feet too much, however for this reason the introduction of medical marijuana has been investigated as a life-saving treatment for many folks who suffer from several diseases. With a proven ability to reduce pain, you would think that the use of medical marijuana would just be an obvious practice Nationwide, but, there are so several states that consider all marijuana illegal, whether it is medical marijuana or recreational cannabis. This issue forces individuals to seek out ways, both legal plus illegal, to find the relief that they need or that a loved one needs. In several cases it would be so marvelous if the approval of these type of herbal treatments could be fast tracked instead of some of the chemical drugs that can lead to addiction or other consequences! Unfortunately, total legalization of cannabis does not seem to be happening anytime soon.

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