Medical quality grow rooms require special clothing for any plus all visitors

I work as a section time news reporter for our city’s local newspaper.

Since I’m not on staff as a full time employee yet, I’m technically just a freelance stringer.

They send me on assignments many times a month that the ever dwindling full time staff can’t get to amid their other stories plus work responsibilities. I’m no fan of covering local high college football plus basketball games, but I don’t dislike the steady pay that comes with them. I like doing stories for the Community plus Health sections of the newspaper the most. Either I’m covering ecstatic stories about achievements made by members of the public or I’m venturing off to one location after the next to compile a story on a current scientific research lab or changes made to state law that affect public health. When medical marijuana was legalized in our state, the opportunity for work related to the cannabis industry had me excited. Thankfully, the editor I work for had lots of things in mind regarding stories on the newly legalized medical marijuana industry. She sent me to the cultivation center for one of the state’s greatest cannabis companies. They’re strict about safety guidelines regarding their prized grow rooms. Any employees or members of the public must wear very white suits that cover them from head to toe with hair nets plus face masks as well. They want to minimize the opportunity of outside contaminants appreciate mold spores damaging their prized crops. These plants must be lab inspected after they’re harvested before they can be packaged for sale. Anything they can do to protect their plants, they’ll do it. It was an exciting experience nonetheless.

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