Migraine relief comes with a trip to the cannabis dispensary

There was a time in my life where I thought migraine headaches were just a ruse.

That’s just how cynical and stupid I was during that point of my life. It’s also clear evidence that I took my health and well being completely for granted. The way I thought, unless you were in the hospital, you needed to get over it. What a putz I was. Life has a way of slapping you right in the teeth. Thankfully, I have medical cannabis to help me manage the karma I’m living through with migraine headaches. I was stunned by how completely incapacitated I was when I initially started having migraines. It was lights out, quiet and motionless for hours and hours to recover. I started with medication but wasn’t seeing quite the benefits I was hoping for so I looked up some cannabis information. I learned all about the medical marijuana benefits. I was encouraged enough to learn how to get a medical marijuana card and get myself to a cannabis dispensary. I really had no idea what sort of cannabis products I needed. But I needn’t have worried as the staff and the legal weed shop were more than ready and able to help me. They guided me toward both cannabis flower products as well as other cannabis products. I settled on both the cannabis flower products as well as the cannabis gummies. Since that first visit, I have seen great improvement in managing my migraine condition. I wish I could just talk to the younger me in order to let him know that people suffer. And they aren’t faking it. Thankfully, I have medical cannabis to aid me and keep me from suffering too much.

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