My hangover cure starts with cannabis sativa

I very rarely get hangovers, mostly because I have hit middle age and started drinking a lot less.

But in my hard-partying years I would get hangovers several days a week. The problem is not enough water, and too much high-sugar content in the drinks.If you have a few whiskeys mixed with water and ice, you get no hangover. But when you slam Red Bull and vodka shooters all night, your blood sugar surges, and then crashes, and that’s where the brutal hangovers start. Whenever the worst case scenario does happen, I always chase the hangover away with some cannabis sativa, my special weapon! Part of the reason it rarely happens is that I smoke cannabis instead of drinking most of the time. I swapped out one bad habit, the liquor, for a less bad habit, cannabis. They say a couple of drinks a day can be medicinal, well so can a couple grams of cannabis a day! Thanks to a proliferation of local cannabis dispensaries opening in the last year, I now can enjoy a good high whenever I feel like it. Since I work from home, that is most of the day, every day. Regardless of the medicinal qualities of marijuana, I just feel happier and healthier since I switched from drinking to smoking. If and when you come down with a crippling hangover, pour yourself a tall glass of cold water and pack a fat bowl of sativa, and your headache will go away in minutes. After that, eat a big bowl of cereal. Trust me.


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