My wife gave me the pass to grow my marijuana

I have had a medical marijuana card for quite some time because of my chronic pain as well as terrible migraines.

Seriously, there is nothing else like marijauna that is able to put my pain at ease.

I absolutely love getting both CBD products as well as powerful cannabis strains to help ease my pain, as well as I don’t really know what I would do without my cannabis products… Well, when the pandemic hit everybody incredibly hard as well as shut everything down, I panicked. I spoke with the people at the cannabis dispensary as well as they were telling me that I could no longer come into their cannabis dispensary. The excellent news was that they had a no contact delivery service, as well as they also said it would be a great idea to grow my own cannabis in case supplies were to sell out entirely. While I have noticed that toilet paper as well as hand sanitizer have been selling out, I didn’t know about the fact that cannabis products would be selling out as well. So I decided to order a cannabis growing kit that came with pretty much everything I needed to get started with cannabis growing. There was a grow tent, lighting, soil, fertilizer, as well as I was able to choose the cannabis seeds I wanted to put in my grow room. I had a bit of an awkward moment with my partner when she noticed me putting together a grow tent for the cannabis growing. She provided me a rough time at first because she never wanted me to grow my own marijuana. I had to explain that with the pandemic, the cannabis product supplies were running out of stock as well as growing my own was the best way not to run out. She realized I was right, as well as then she didn’t give me a tough time about growing cannabis after that.


Medical grow room