Needed to add a delivery option

I know I am an intelligent guy.

I opened up a cannabis dispensary all on my own.

There are a ton of parts of the process that need to be done, paperwork that must be completed and research checked into for this. It was a difficult process that I did all on my own. I also secured my cannabis products, the labeling and the workers for the store. Business is pretty good, but I suppose it could be easier. I was able to analyze what was missing in my store. I needed to offer curbside delivery and choice up. With people still nervous about COVID, this was pivotal. I also needed to make it easy for people that want to be safe or just lazy. However, I am absolutely stupid when it comes to iPads. I had a website, I just didn’t know how to make the website offer curbside pickup and delivery. I knew there was some kind of online form I needed to do, but I couldn’t figure it out. I didn’t want to ask 1 of my employees. I wanted a professional to handle this. So I found a cannabis SEO agency that handled it for me. They legitimately replaced my website completely and I was so relieved. I did it myself and you could absolutely tell. They then really added curbside pickup and delivery to the website. You now just click on the tab, fill out your stuff and choose your items. Then it gets sent to my employees to fulfill. It was such a relief having all that set up.