New business on the block is a cannabis dispensary

I love it when a new business gets into town.

There is always a bit of a buzz on the block about whether it will make it or whether it will be a one hit wonder. My guess is the new cannabis dispensary will not be any sort of one hit wonder. Although they may sell some orange kush that ends up being a one hit wonder. But that’s a different story. No, we tend to see lots of places open in the neighborhood only to be gone fairly quick. It seems to follow a pattern where a new place opens, does a ton of business at first because it’s new. And then, it gets mismanaged, price gouges or does some other stupid thing and that business is then gone. From the looks of things with this marijuana business, it’s a very professional business and it here for the long term. That is exciting for me because I’m sick of getting like 3 buses to go across town the closest marijuana dispensary. I work in computers and my job is within biking distance. And I have a scooter. But I don’t feel great about taking a scooter across the city in this sort of traffic. So I’m thrilled to welcome this local cannabis spot to the neighborhood. In fact, I even baked them a bunch of cookies and took it over to them. I also took a few minutes to find a few cannabis edibles as well. It’s going to be great having such a nice marijuana business within walking distance. It’s exciting knowing that they are built for the long haul.