Not all marijuana tinctures are made the same nor affect the body always the same

One store’s in-house products could be wildly different in quality compared to another store a few miles down the road.

You could have two different grocery stores that cater to the same people while one is selling its bakery bread for $1.99 while the other store sells theirs for $2.99.

Sure, one dollar isn’t a huge increase if all you need is bread, but this adds up considerably when you get an entire shopping cart full of items. Often the quality is vastly different, which somewhat justifies the price differences if the pricier option is truly more desirable. Maybe the spices at the first store are not as fresh smelling as the spices at its competitor’s store. Sadly, this can happen with prescription medications, to such a large degree that you can expect up to a 20% variance in potency of one batch of generic medication compared to the same thing but bought at a different store. Marijuana tinctures are no different in this regard. The THC and other cannabinoids are suspended in an oil that is stored in a dropper bottle. You put as many drops under your tongue that you need for one dose or another. There are some cannabis companies that have lots of varieties of these THC tinctures at their dispensaries, but some of them barely work. I’ll take more drops with little change in effects. Then I found this new tincture that was guaranteed to be a different absorption method as the others, making it break the blood-brain barrier as you absorb it into your bloodstream. To do this, you have to utilize a different extraction method and some cannabis dispensaries don’t see the economic benefit of that costly endeavor.