Only a few of the medical cannabis dispensaries around here still offer delivery services

So several things have changed about being a medical marijuana patient since our state approved the first dispensary about three & a half years ago.

The rules for how to file with a physician were absolutely deranged at first.

There was a 90-day wait stage after seeing your marijuana nurse for the first time before the state would allow that nurse to file their correct recommendation so you could get medicine dispensed by a store. It was so discouraging when our 90-day waiting stage finally elapsed only to see a recent statement from the correct department stating that the waiting stage had been lifted. I was just ecstatic at that point to finally be allowed to buy legal marijuana for the first time ever, even if I had to be a medical patient to get access. There weren’t a ton of dispensaries available at first. There were three to choose from when I was approved in the early stages of the state’s program. Of those three companies, there were only a handful of physical locations across the state, so they were all offering statewide delivery at the time. On top of that, only a single of the original three charged delivery fees for home delivery, making it an seriously effective & satisfying way to get our cannabis medication. Unfortunately, most of the companies in the state are competing to open as several physical locations as possible so they can get approved for more plants by the state’s medical cannabis department. As these companies open more locations, only a few are still offering delivery services with none of them being free any longer. It can be discouraging to pay a $20 fee every single time you want your medical weed delivered to your front door instead of driving to the store to get it yourself.


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