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Anytime someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, it’s horrible news.  When cancer invades the brain of your 2-year old son, it’s an awful tragedy.  Along with all of the awful symptoms caused by the cancer, my hubby and I watched our little boy suffer from the symptoms of the chemotherapy treatment.  Our kid was not able to live a normal existence anymore. The side-effects of the brain tumor, drugs, and chemotherapy were destroying his overall quality of life.  She was unable to eat a normal meal, was swallowing multiple unusual pain medications everyday, and usually vomiting. After doing some long term research on our own, my hubby and I came across the many benefits of medical marijuana.  We then argued and insisted until our son’s nurses gave us a final approval to try medical marijuana. We introduced cannabis oil into our son’s feeding tube and his symptoms instantly lessened. Our little boy began eating normal food again, and both of us slowly weaned him off the many medications.  We understood the big risk in introducing cannabis into a young and still-growing brain without knowing the impact on development. The amount of toxic items which can be a result of the marijuana hasn’t been thoroughly studied. With our son’s septic shock, there was a option her brain growth could have been stunted. However, the massive amounts of pain medication were also a threat to the growth of her brain. Since the medical marijuana both of us were able to check our kid out of I.C.U and bring him house with us.  He is now a cheerful little dude, who is gradually healing and enjoying a more normal life.

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My daughter, and olivia, was just three weeks old when she had her first seizure.  It lasted for almost fifteen minutes, plus my wife plus I rushed her to the hospital. The nurses did a full work-up, found nothing wrong plus sent us home. Olivia had another seizure a month later, and this one was even longer. Over the next few weeks, Olivia suffered frequent seizures which lasted between many and four hours. She was repeatedly hospitalized, but her blood tests and scans continued to come back pretty normal. My wife and I were told she would grow out of it, but the complication simply got worse.  At that point in time, Olivia was still developing normally, but the medications plus seizures began to have an impact. My wife and I were running out of possibilities and beyond desperate when the use of medical marijuana was approved in our state. The average age of a patient in the medical marijuana program is over fifty years old. By the time she was three, our kid had lost the ability to walk, talk or eat and was having approximately fifteen grand seizures a week. Her heart had quit a number of times. We Had tired all treatment options.  Every one of us decided to give medical marijuana a try, but had trouble finding nurses to sign off on the treatment. My wife and I refused to give up, plus eventually managed to put Olivia on a small dose of cannabis oil. The results were downright amazing. My kid was seizure-free for an entire week. She now receives a dose of cannabis oil twice per day in her food. Only three milligrams per pound of her body weight stopped her seizures. Olivia is currently six-years-old, plus doing so much better. She is walking plus can even ride a bike. She feeds herself, and is beginning to talk.  My wife plus I never imagined every one of us would ever hear our kid laugh, but the medical marijuana has given us a miracle.

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Last October, I was devastated when I was ran tests on with breast cancer.  I was determined to tackle this uphill battle with a positive attitude. Along with loads of pharmaceuticals, I’ve faced a double mastectomy, radiation therapy, breast reconstruction as well as chemotherapy.  The side effects have been very horrendous, and I’ve experienced major depression. About three months into my treatment, I was ready to just give up. A friend of mine then provided to get some medical marijuana for me to try. I was very eager to try anything as well as more than willing to break the law for the sake of relief. I have never been a recreational pot smoker, however the impact of the prescription medications and chemotherapy had me pretty much desperate.  I ate the marijuana as well as it worked. It relieves my constant nausea, allowing me to eat healthy. It also eliminates the anxiety, which lets me sleep better as well as believe more productive throughout the day. I never act high, but I particularly act more normal. I have the mental as well as physical strength to continue with chemotherapy. Medical marijuana has literally been a lifesaver for me. It’s hard for me to reconcile with the fact that I’m actually breaking the law when I’m simply protecting my overall health.  In the state where I live, people can legally smoke cigarettes, which have been proven to cause cancer. Yet I can’t legally acquire or consume medical marijuana which effectively treats our symptoms of cancer. Medical marijuana is totally legal in approximately half the states, as well as is safe, natural as well as affordable. I am super annoyed that in our lake house state politicians have taken it upon themselves to determine what’s sufficient in terms of health care. These decisions should be left up to patients as well as their doctors.  

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Marijuana offers a natural alternative to alleviate the symptoms and treat a wide variety of medical complications.  From alcoholism, anorexia and depression to autism, breast cancer, leukemia, patients are finding relief through medicinal marijuana.  This natural remedy removes the long term side-effects of pharmaceuticals. There is no records of people overdosing or dying due to the use of marijuana. Most of the pitfall connotations acquaintanced with marijuana have originated from plus been perpetuated by the pharmaceutical industry. Synthetic medication is far more extravagant, plus often beyond the affordability of patients in need. With that being said, the pharmaceutical industry continues to lobby against marijuana mostly out of greed.  There are plenty of testimonials from people who have turned to medical marijuana as a last resort, only to have amazing results. From infants to old people, medical marijuana is a safe, effective plus still largely untapped resource for medical treatment. In those areas where medical marijuana has been legalized, there are dispensaries which provide a trusted source for purchase. The dispensaries create a very welcoming plus knowledgeable environment. The wide range of products has been extensively inspected to ensure quality and integrity.  The staff has the training to make great recommendations, discuss options, plus ensure the right option for you. Most of these dispensaries even provide delivery services. Unfortunately, there are still states where medicinal marijuana is illegal. They are forcing people to chop the law in order to treat illnesses, remove pain, and then improve the length plus quality of their life. It is absolutely ridiculous. Hopefully as more studies prove the effectiveness and disprove many false claims of diminished mental capability, medicinal marijuana will gain acceptance across the country.


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Until lately, I had never heard of the term dabbing ever before.  Dabbing is slang, & refers to the vaporization of concentrated cannabis.  Dabbing has grown in popularity & there are some troubles over safety. In a new study, analysts concluded that dabbing creates no more troubles or accidents than using flower cannabis.  The study was conducted to gather preliminary information on consumers & test whether whether or not dabbing is more dangerous than smoking. There was zero evidence to support the suggestion that dabbers suffer more troubles than consumers who smoke traditional cannabis flowers.  Nearly three hundred people participated in the study. Researches questioned them as to their history of cannabis use & how they identify personally as a cannabis user. Do they consider themselves recreational users or medical patients? The participants were all recruited online, & consistently came from major cities throughout the country.  The survey was one hundred percent anonymous, & participants only needed be over 18 years outdated & have a history of dabbing. The demographic sample officially represented the population. There was a almost an equal number of women & girls. Participants were asked how often they dab or smoke flower cannabis, & to explain any troubles they’ve experienced along the way.  They were urged to include both health troubles & accidents with their preferred consumption method. They also reported any strange symptoms of dependency, such as increased tolerance of withdrawal. Researchers concluded that the cannabis users considered dabbing to be more dangerous than smoking flower cannabis. The collected data provided no evidence of more troubles or accidents from dabbing.   The data did indicate that dabbing could lead to a much higher tolerance & symptoms of withdrawal. This is most likely caused by the higher dose concentration with dabs.

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My child got sick in the fall.  Her fever, pain and mobility problems were dire enough that I immediately took her to the doctor.  For nearly two months, the people I was with and I made the choice to go through a whole bunch of tests but gained no actual answers.   My child was finally inspected with anaplastic large cell lymphoma right after Christmas. I realized that my little girl had little chance of surviving the year-long chemotherapy that was suggested at first.   I spent minutes researching alternative treatments plus came across miracle stories from people who used cannabis as natural treatment for cancer. As we entered the new year, my daughter’s cancer had metastasized to her bone marrow, spine, and different parts of her skull.  A large tumor was detected in her stomach. My little girl was put on a morphine drip to ease the pain. I started searching for someplace I could take her to earn cannabis treatment. I searched all over the US, Canada plus even considered Israel. Luckily, I was able to find a treatment center within the country, plus with the help of a new doctor, we developed a solid treatment plan.  Both of us hoped to avoid chemotherapy entirely, but laws prevented this option. Each of us were forced to endure sixteen weeks of chemotherapy. For the first round, our child was in the hospital and not able to use cannabis oil. We then started her on the cannabis oil the afternoon she left the hospital, plus the benefits were immediate and amazing. Her appetite went up as well. Her hair stopped falling out.  There was less nausea. A month later, she was in remission. he elimination of the cancer, especially the large tumor in her stomach, was miraculous. While we’d expected some improvement, the people I was with and I were astounded by the amazing results.

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When I began experiencing sharp pains, right near my ribs, on the left side of the body, I thought it was caused by an intense workout.  I didn’t worry about it until various afternoons went by plus the pain failed to lessen. I worry that the condition might be more severe plus sought diagnosis.  I was told I was suffering from lung cancer, and that the cancer had entered by lymph nodes plus the outer lining of my stomach. I was given various to nine weeks to live.  I begged my doctors to start radiation or chemotherapy, in hopes of improving my condition. The doctors informed me that these were not viable options for someone with phase multiple lung cancer and would only make me throw up! I was urged to return to my family and enjoy the rest of my life.  My medical scans revealed the presence of a massive tumor in my left lung plus numerous cancerous lymph nodes in my chest plus neck. After a few weeks of doing nothing, I harassed my doctors until they began chemotherapy treatment. About week later, I was hoping for wonderful news, but diagnosed positive for an EGFR mutation, which meant the end of chemotherapy treatments. At that point, I had given up all hope and was feeling alright to my fate.  My kid looked for help on the internet plus started studying testimonials from cancer patients who’d had success with cannabis oil. I began taking a small dose orally various times a day. I gradually upped the dosage plus paired the cannabis oil with an alkalizing, clean-eating diet. Within a few more weeks, the tumor had shrunk to half the size plus my lymph nodes were back to normal size The fluid surrounding my heart had gone away. After several weeks of cannabis oil treatment, my scans came back truly cancer free. My family members and oncologist were shocked.  It’s now been over a year, plus I remain cancer-free. I am totally convinced that the cannabis oil saved my life. There is no other way to explain my abrupt recovery.

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New studies are gradually proving that cannabis is an effective method of treatment for a wide range of medical applications.  It provides a loot of relief from pain, nausea, spasticity, glaucoma and movement disorders. For patients suffering from HIV or dementia, marijuana has proven to be a helpful appetite stimulant. Brand new research indicates that cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis partner to protect the body against particular types of malignant tumors.  At the current moment, more than sixty US and international health organizations support immediate legal access to medical marijuana under a physician’s supervision. The American Cancer Society and the American Medical Association support wide-scale clinical research trials to aid physicians in the official assessment of the overall medical potential of cannabis.   Cannabis and THC have been proven safe for human consumption. There has never been a reported death due to the use of cannabis ever recorded. Way back in the late eighteen hundreds, European and American journals of medicine supported the therapeutic use of cannabis, publishing over two hundred articles on the subject. The cannabis plant seems to have originated in Central Asia, and has been around for centuries. Doctors prescribe medical marijuana to fight off pain.  In a recent survey, 1 out of five patients seeking treatment for back pain were using cannabis oil to alleviate their pain and other ailments. Cannabis has also been used to treat mental health, for conditions such as alcoholism, depression, opiate withdrawal, phobias and schizophrenia. Medical cannabis is believed to have neuroprotective properties that play a positive job in brain development. Further studies are crucial to realize the full potential of cannabis, however it is already providing benefits and relieve to a big number of people worldwide.

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There are so many different methods of growing medical marijuana, and determining what way is most beneficial can be a big a challenge.  The crop can be impacted by everything from lack of water or poor fertilizer to bugs and pests. To end up with high-grade marijuana, it takes some hard work and dedication.  The first step is obtaining some fantastic quality seeds or clones, and then the growing method needs to be figured out. Normal aged dirt is the traditional method of growing.  Rich soil, correctly fertilized and watered, is an easy and inlavish method. A commercial growing soil could result in a big loss of the crop or exhausting results due to a lack or imbalance of necessary minerals and nutrients.  Another option is coco fiber or rock wool which doesn’t have the quality troubles of ordinary soil. It is just as easy, almost as cheap, however the process is cleaner. With fewer bugs, it provides you with a better yield. Unfortunately coco fiber and rock wool is harder to find and requires special fertilizers that are more lavish.  The method of hydroponics grows the plants separate from soil or vegetables, using gravel in pots or troughs. Water mixed with fertilizers are poured through the gravel, flooding plants several times per afternoon. The advantage is the cleanliness and greater yields. The downside is that it costs a lot more in equipment, and there’s more time involved with monitoring PH and nutrient levels. Along with that there’s also aeroponics, which means growing roots in plain air.  The plants are contained in a mesh basket, hanging out in the air, and water and fertilizer is constantly hosed over the roots. Aeroponics is best for root development, delivers the greatest yields and great results. This way costs more, demands a fantastic deal of management and is super sensitive to mistakes.

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My family has dealt with great tragedy.  My hubby & I were helpless as our oldest daughter passed away from a precious neurodegenerative disease. Our youngest child has now begun to show signs of the same disease.  Although cannabis oil is illegal in our home state, both of us have turned to this natural remedy to ease her suffering. My children are afflicted with a terrible disorder which causes the breakdown of the myelin coating that insulates neurons.  The disease impacts the nervous idea & results in a slow deterioration of mental & motor function. There is no cure found, & the pain is horrendous. Between diagnosis & her death three years later, my oldest daughter suffered from depression, memory loss, chronic pain, seizures & motor impairment. We have tried a bone marrow transplant, which failed to help her at all.  She was on morphine & a long list of painkillers, which led to side effects. My hubby & I heard about the potential of cannabis after a bone marrow transplant also proved very unsuccessful for our hour daughter. The two of us were a bit reluctant but desperate, & so each of us put our daughter on a regimen of cannabis oil. Her seizures stopped instantly, & she is no longer in constant pain.  Due to her improvement, my hubby & I are campaigning for cannabis law reform. We’ve testified in from a senate committee, seeking legislation that would make cannabis medicine legally available to our daughter. The vote was not passed by the senate committee sadly. The two of us continue to be vocal in our advocacy for cannabis reform, & each of us continue to obtain cannabis oil legality for our beloved daughter.    

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