People are always rushing to buy all the cannabis buds at my dispensary

I was astonished to see the dire turn around in public opinion on cannabis after legalization eventually passed in our home state. At first there was a pretty serious pushback by right wing groups and others who wished to keep the medicine in an illegal black market. But everyday more people are choosing to try it for the first time and experiencing the life changing effects for themselves. It is actually defying and transcending political ideology of all kinds, just ask the people who stave off their seizures or the cancer patients who are suddenly able to eat again. I actually began smoking marijuana back in university as a means of coping with the tremendous amount of stress and the anxiety and depression that comes along with it. When I purchased a vaporizer, I started to care about the plant more than ever before. I was able to learn that I was unlocking additional cannabinoids that get destroyed when you combust the flower by smoking it. To this day I prefer consuming cannabis by vaporizing the flower buds. The only actual concern that I’m facing is constant low stock at our cannabis dispensaries. Seemingly I’m not the only person who prefers getting cannabis flower buds to vaporize. I have to be diligent and regularly check the online menu whenever the dispensary gets new deliveries. If I can make an online order before heading out to the dispensary to buy our marijuana supplies, I can usually get flower buds before they are out of stock. There are certain times of the week where you can get flowers at a reduced price if you buy it in bulk. It’s truly wonderful to get an ounce with 4 different strains inside for only a little over $200.
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