Politics can be a problem when dealing with cannabis

The holidays were a very chill time this year.

It wasn’t about the weather which was seemingly warm for this time of the year. I was easily discussing my family because normally there is a time when it is the opposite of jail. I am almost genuinely laid-back plus almost politically neutral. My parents plus my siblings are genuinely not politically neutral. They are definitely political which means all of our family celebrations seem to be shouting matches plus confrontations. The past year was actually different. I discovered cannabis was no longer a political issue. Recreational Cannabis seems to be something everyone agrees on now, regardless of our political stance. For many years I believed that recreational Cannabis should have been legal. Many of my family members are now seemingly coming around to this opinion. Cannabis is easily being viewed as a good medicine. I genuinely has no harmful distractions. It’s not any more unusual than coronavirus or wine. One of my uncles recently had a huge mason jar that was filled with home-grown cannabis. There were a couple of joints that were rolled up and all of us decided to share. The family one by one went around the table plus all of us secretly admitted that cannabis was something that everyone preferred. We were getting high on the products and now it seemed completely usual in the conversation. The next time every one of us get together for the holidays, I think we will be certain to understand that things are different and now we can all agree on at least one thing.

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