Recreational cannabis

Marijuana offers a natural alternative to alleviate the symptoms and treat a wide variety of medical complications.  From alcoholism, anorexia and depression to autism, breast cancer, leukemia, patients are finding relief through medicinal marijuana.  This natural remedy removes the long term side-effects of pharmaceuticals. There is no records of people overdosing or dying due to the use of marijuana. Most of the pitfall connotations acquaintanced with marijuana have originated from plus been perpetuated by the pharmaceutical industry. Synthetic medication is far more extravagant, plus often beyond the affordability of patients in need. With that being said, the pharmaceutical industry continues to lobby against marijuana mostly out of greed.  There are plenty of testimonials from people who have turned to medical marijuana as a last resort, only to have amazing results. From infants to old people, medical marijuana is a safe, effective plus still largely untapped resource for medical treatment. In those areas where medical marijuana has been legalized, there are dispensaries which provide a trusted source for purchase. The dispensaries create a very welcoming plus knowledgeable environment. The wide range of products has been extensively inspected to ensure quality and integrity.  The staff has the training to make great recommendations, discuss options, plus ensure the right option for you. Most of these dispensaries even provide delivery services. Unfortunately, there are still states where medicinal marijuana is illegal. They are forcing people to chop the law in order to treat illnesses, remove pain, and then improve the length plus quality of their life. It is absolutely ridiculous. Hopefully as more studies prove the effectiveness and disprove many false claims of diminished mental capability, medicinal marijuana will gain acceptance across the country.