Smoking indica strain helps me sleep at night

I assumed that getting my medical marijuana card would be difficult.

I put off even trying to navigate the process for quite some time.

I’m not suffering from a life-threatening or debilitating medical illness, so I just dealt with my many symptoms as best I could. I am simply a woman in her fifties going through menopause. I now have a lot more aches and pains in my muscles and joints and I experience migraine headaches! The hot flashes and insomnia are the worst of it. Without any warning, my body temperature heats up to the point that sweat runs down my face. It’s uncomfortable, aggravating and sometimes embarrassing. I also find it severely difficult to sleep at night. I toss and turn in bed for hours trying to fall asleep. If I manage it, I then wake up an hour later and start over. Unhappy with feeling tired all the time, I finally did some research into getting my medicinal marijuana card. I learned that a local dispensary has a doctor on-site once a week for the sole purpose of helping patients acquire their card. This dispensary also provides curbside pickup and delivery service. They couldn’t have made it easier or more convenient for me to get the cannabis products I need. I’ve found that indica strains are the most helpful and I like the old-fashioned smoking system of consumption. I order a variety of pre-rolls online and have them delivered right to my door, as long as I order over a certain amount, the delivery is free. I only smoke right before bed and I now sleep much better.


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