Smoking out with my great Aunt Agnes

My role model for smoking pot was always my great Aunt Agnes.

Lord only knows how old she is, because when I was a kid she was ancient, and has stayed that way for 20 years.

At some point she stopped aging visibly, as if her body had reached its end stage, but was content to stay that way forever. Aunt Agnes always smoked out, even at family gatherings when the other grown ups would get mad at her for it. Agnes didn’t care, she was a marijuana smoker, all day every day, and if you didn’t like it you could kiss her butt. When the other adults would scold her for exposing the children to secondhand marijuana smoke, Agnes would fire back about everyone else smoking tobacco. They all smoked cigarettes around their children constantly, and Agnes let them know that was far more harmful then a little taste of marijuana smoke a few times a year. Some time later, science would back her up, and then she didn’t look crazy for smoking so much cannabis, she looked prescient. It was Agnes who hooked me up with my first joint, I went into the woods to enjoy my first taste of cannabis by myself in the peace and quiet of nature. After that we shared a special bond, and to this day we still mail each other care packages of exotic cannabis blends whenever we get the chance. Agnes taught me that when it comes to your beliefs, in this case the benefits of cannabis, you should never back down.

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