So many cannabis products to choose from

In the break between years, I went up north to spend some time with our cousin Lyle.

Lyle plus I used to be tight when both of us were kids, however it had been a lot of years since both of us had hung out as a pair, and we had started to connect again on Facebook over the pandemic, plus now that things were opening back up I wanted to go see him again.

I knew that both of us had a lot in common, plus my friend Lyle had some fun stuff lined up for us to do. I also knew he was big-time into cannabis, just care about me, so I was gleeful to see what kind of green they had in the immense city. Any expectations I had were shattered long before I stepped into a cannabis dispensary, just with what I saw at Lyle’s apartment. There was an antique wooden bureau in his family room, plus when my cousin opened it up I saw dozens of class jars of cannabis. All colors of the rainbow, multiple densities plus degrees of fluffiness, a dazzling array of cannabis. It was as if my cousin had collected his own little cannabis dispensary in his room, plus every drawer in the bureau was filled with different kinds of smoking. There were pipes plus bongs of all shapes plus sizes, a custom made gas mask, a gravity bong, plus a few ways to smoke weed that I had frankly never heard of before.
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