Some states have dispensaries that get their products from many marijuana growers

Even though marijuana is slowly getting legalized in sites all over the country, there are still states that either lack access or have limited access to legal cannabis products sold at legal cannabis stores.

It has taken years of gradual social changes to bring about the world that we find ourselves in today.

I thought it would be another five years or more before our state would have access to medical marijuana, however we’re now coming close to hitting our four year anniversary of the first dispensary opening. Unfortunately, we still have aspects of our particular law that are limiting compared to other states. For one,we cannot grow our own cannabis in this state. Home growing is strictly prohibited while it is encouraged in other states with legal medical cannabis dispensaries. This is unfortunate for poor people who can’t afford the dispensary prices but could otherwise grow their own in their gardens behind their homes. The other problem of our market that I’m not a fan of is the mandatory vertical integration of companies. A vertically integrated company owns every aspect of the production line for every component that goes into a product sold on the shelf. It’s like how Samsung owns the factories that create the discrete components for their devices and doesn’t even outsource things as simple as glass screen and tiny screws. With cannabis, it means growing and packaging the same products you’re selling at your dispensaries. Every corporation creates their own products and cannot source from outside growers. In several states these components of the market are separated, you have dispensaries and growers that are individual entities. That way a single dispensary could have products from five or six different growers or oil extraction companies.

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