Stopping the shoplifting of cannabis products

I used to be a bouncer at one of the local taverns.

This was a rowdy place by reputation, a place where bikers passing through could have a few beers with the local farm hands. There were a lot of friendly games of pool and darts that turned into fistfights, and eventually I got tired of risking my neck over a bunch of drunks. I managed to parlay my experience into a new kind of bouncer job, although I have to say I absolutely love it now. Potheads don’t get into fistfights like drunks do, so checking IDs at the door of the cannabis dispensary is a pretty cushy job! The only problem they had been having was that someone (or several people) had been shoplifting and making off with cannabis products. It was just little thefts, never any major quantities of cannabis, but over time the losses were adding up. That all stopped once I started working the front door of the cannabis dispensary, with all of my tattoos, my muscles, my rolls of fat, and my leather vest. I look intimidating, but I’m a big teddy bear I swear it! I am friendly to every person to come to the door, and I explain that I need to see a picture ID before they can enter the cannabis dispensary. I send the message :”I’m watching you, and I know your name” without saying it, and since that day the theft of cannabis products has dropped to zero. The shoplifters are afraid I will beat them up for stealing cannabis, and they are right!

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