Switching to cannabis concentrates after only using flower is a total game changer

The mental health medication that I was prescribed after my father’s untimely death was struggling to get me through the psychological fog.

I gave it a shot with several different options to see if one drug combination worked better than another, but in the end I kept faltering and was left wondering if there was something out there that could help me cope.

I didn’t want to risk getting addicted to many of the medications that are prescribed for people that have anxiety issues like myself. I have read testimonials on the internet from people who had to come off these medications after developing a heavy dependency, and the picture isn’t pretty. Some people die if the withdrawal is severe enough. I was thankful when a friend of mine urged me to give cannabis a shot. I had tried it once in college, but it was fairly low quality and gave me barely any noticeable effects. When I tried it again a year ago, it was obvious that I had found something that was going to improve my life permanently. I loved vaporizing cannabis flower buds that I’d get in these tiny glass jars from the nearby cannabis dispensary. After I developed a heavy tolerance, I decided that I should try one of the cannabis concentrates that are available. I was overwhelmed—there was shatter, crumble, wax, rosin, distillate, and live resin. I didn’t know where to start, so I decided to get shatter and buy a small vaporizer pen to inhale it. The effects came on strong and stayed for several hours. I am so relieved that I found a way to enjoy the medical effects of cannabis even if I develop a tolerance.


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