Takes more than a backyard garden for pot cultivation

The news continues to wash ashore that medical and recreational marijuana are here to stay.

This is evident due to all of the recent legislation and election results across the nation.

Deductively, this should be a great time to get in the marijuana cultivation business. It only goes to reason that with a new, legalized demand, there will be plenty of need for cannabis growing. It’s simply part of the equation. I have watched all of this play out with different levels of excitement and wonder. On the one hand, I enjoy marijuana and the idea of being able to have a grow box in my house is exciting. And I’m also super interested to see just how capitalism and the corporate mentality will mesh with growing cannabis and a commercial grow op scale. It will definitely be something to watch. However, I also wonder if there will be room for smaller pot farming to happen. Will there end up being a niche market for cannabis growing? It’s too early to know just yet. However, I know a few marijuana enthusiasts who are betting that they grow marijuana better than anyone else. However, it’s going to take more than a grow room to make money to support a business. And the investment is costly. To run large scale grow rooms takes major financial investment due to start up costs, licensure and big ticket items like climate controlled facilities. So, it will be particularly interesting to see just how this all turns out. This is really just the top half of the first inning when it comes to what marijuana cultivation will become.


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