Teaching myself a new skill – growing cannabis

Every year my Aunt Jenny got a book for the holidays.

She was a very sweet woman, but firmly believed that books were the best gift for everyone.

Perhaps that had something to do with her being a librarian. One Thanksgiving when I was a teenager Aunt Jenny caught me smoking a joint on the back porch late at night. She didn’t say a word to me, or to my parents, and I thought she forgot about it. A month later she gave me a special Christmas present, a book called A Home Grower’s Guide to Cannabis Plants. Aunt Jenny was a big advocate of education, and in her estimation me learning about botany was a good reason to start growing cannabis. I never saw her smoke cannabis herself, but she definitely thought that it should be legalized. By giving me the information to grow my own marijuana plants she was helping me out in a few different ways. Learning about cannabis doesn’t happen in a vacuum, to understand it I had to learn more about botany and horticulture. Maybe the end goal was getting high and smoking cannabis, but along the way I had to do a lot of reading and experimentation with the plants. In the end, Aunt Jenny and I both got what we wanted – I got to grow cannabis for myself and my friends, and she got the satisfaction of knowing I learned something. Years later and I am still growing a lot of cannabis, and reaping the benefits of teaching myself a brand new skill.


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