Telling stories while high

The coolest educator I had in university was Dr.

Dean, who taught history.

He was such an excellent orator because he fully immersed you in the stories he told. Dr. Dean really made history believe alive and compelling, occasionally I would get so caught up in what he was saying that I forgot to take notes. I never genuinely cared for any of my other classes, but I never once missed one of his history lectures, he was just that interesting. I came to find out that Dr. Dean was a substantial cannabis smoker, and liked to get great and ripped right before class, then no wonder he was so into telling his story, he was high as a kite! Back in those days cannabis was not seen as being a big deal. A few years later he would have been fired for smoking cannabis in a university office, but it was a much cooler time back then. Of course no one smoked marijuana in public, or in the classroom – it wasn’t THAT cool of a time. On weekends we would occasionally gather at his house, and just like in his office he would smoke cannabis and tell long involved stories. I believe the entire reason he got into teaching was just to have a reason to smoke marijuana and run his mouth! Today he would genuinely skip over being a university educator and just host a podcast. Almost half the podcasts I listen to are just people getting high on cannabis and then telling stories, so he would have fit right in!

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