That is a strange idea

Like several households I know, our house is a single that differs in opinion on several topics, however my partner and I tend to vary a lot in our political and social views of the world around us, however i guess it has to do with each of our upbringing and also our choice of careers. I am a caregiver at a local senior hospice where I must contend with both life and death situations and long-term illnesses on a daily basis. My partner is a detective in an inner-city so all of us have really contrasting views of the world around us. When discussion that comes up really frequently is the debate on use of medical marijuana in the treatment of terminal and long-term illnesses. I can see many benefits of these treatments and suppose that medical marijuana, and in some cases recreational usage, should be legalized. My partner is furious every time I even mentioned this topic because he must deal with the use of drugs such as marijuana and worse in a much uncommon situation.  He must come face-to-face each day with illegal drug dealers and the consequences of those who indulge in these as well. The often sees young lives split short by overdose and is completely against any legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, he feels disappointing by legalizing a so-called “ harmless” drug, it will lead to be more frequent use of harder drugs that takes lives on a daily basis. He feels that medical marijuana needs to be strictly controlled and only through, rigorous testing, should it be available to anyone, however because I easily see the other side of it where people are suffering from long-term pain or wasting illnesses, I see the benefits of having it readily available to ease their discomfort. I don’t suppose that just medical marijuana is the answer, to everything, however, if they can make a person a little more comfortable in the last days I suppose that it should be an option.