That was an interesting idea

Until lately, I had never heard of the term dabbing ever before.  Dabbing is slang, & refers to the vaporization of concentrated cannabis.  Dabbing has grown in popularity & there are some troubles over safety. In a new study, analysts concluded that dabbing creates no more troubles or accidents than using flower cannabis.  The study was conducted to gather preliminary information on consumers & test whether whether or not dabbing is more dangerous than smoking. There was zero evidence to support the suggestion that dabbers suffer more troubles than consumers who smoke traditional cannabis flowers.  Nearly three hundred people participated in the study. Researches questioned them as to their history of cannabis use & how they identify personally as a cannabis user. Do they consider themselves recreational users or medical patients? The participants were all recruited online, & consistently came from major cities throughout the country.  The survey was one hundred percent anonymous, & participants only needed be over 18 years outdated & have a history of dabbing. The demographic sample officially represented the population. There was a almost an equal number of women & girls. Participants were asked how often they dab or smoke flower cannabis, & to explain any troubles they’ve experienced along the way.  They were urged to include both health troubles & accidents with their preferred consumption method. They also reported any strange symptoms of dependency, such as increased tolerance of withdrawal. Researchers concluded that the cannabis users considered dabbing to be more dangerous than smoking flower cannabis. The collected data provided no evidence of more troubles or accidents from dabbing.   The data did indicate that dabbing could lead to a much higher tolerance & symptoms of withdrawal. This is most likely caused by the higher dose concentration with dabs.

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