The cannabis can help

Have you been seeing the news lately?  It seems that the use of medical as well as recreational marijuana is in the news almost every single week.  Call me seasoned, but, I can’t seem to wrap my head around the very thought of getting high to help with your severe medical condition.  Years ago, I used to hear about people smoking cannabis to help with glaucoma, as well as even at that time I was quite a bit skeptical. I never understood why a person would risk going to jail over something as ridiculous as that.  I don’t understand the entire process when it comes to harvesting the CBD oil as well as I will have to look into it more before I will be able to change my thinking. I am all for modern research as well as technology to help people cope with severe medical conditions.  Years back, before the sizable pharmaceutical companies came into existence, seasoned medical doctors as well as healers did in fact use herbs as well as tinctures to cure all sorts of ailments… They were effective for various conditions as well as people didn’t question their practices during those times.  Now, the bunch of us have the internet at our disposal as well as the bunch of us can honestly research things for ourselves to have a more educated opinion when it comes to various side effects, long term changes, as well as effectiveness in general of a medication. As I said previously, I am not ready to accept the use of marijuana, medical or otherwise, at the moment.  Thankfully, I don’t have a condition that it would be used for anyway. I know that if I did, or a family member did, I would be more open to anything that would make it a great deal better. Times are changing at a rapid pace, and, people similar to myself need to change with the times I guess.

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