The delivery order wasn’t correct on Monday

On Sunday night, I ordered a few items from the cannabis shop.

I wanted the order delivered on Monday morning. This cannabis shop will deliver all items for free as long as you place the order one day ahead of time. I ordered a couple of different items from the cannabis shop. I ordered 3 grams of wax concentrate. I purchased a gram of Skywalker OG, a gram of Wedding cake, and a gram of Girl Scout Cookies. I ordered three different pre-rolls from the front case. I also ordered a half ounce of blueberry kush. I had all day off work on Monday, so I was home all day for the delivery. The driver was supposed to arrive between 10 and 11 in the morning. I waited all morning and the driver finally arrived close to noon. I didn’t mind waiting, but I was very upset when I realized that the delivery order wasn’t correct. None of the pre-roll marijuana cigarettes were inside of the bag and I ordered five different ones. I grabbed the driver before he left the parking lot. I told the guy that half of my order was missing. Unfortunately, the delivery driver did not have the products in his car. I had to call the cannabis shop and talk to the manager. The lady on the phone was very nice and she apologized for the mix-up. She took care of the problem right away. She sent the delivery driver back to my apartment with the right cannabis products and a free eighth of weed for the trouble.

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