The door was a problem

Last Monday, I was the first employee to arrive at work. I pulled into my usual parking area near the front of the building. My boss arrived a couple of seconds after and she took the spot next to me. Every one of us walked into the dispensary together, as we normally would. My boss unlocked the door and proceeded to the alarm to enter the code. Both of us quickly thought it was different that the alarm was not beeping whenever the people I was with and I entered the front door. I started heading towards the very back of the building so I could put our jacket and our wallet in the break room. That is exactly when I saw the back door wide open. I screamed out loud to get the attention of our larger boss. I did not think if someone was in the building still and I was a little scared of the situation to be honest. My boss took out her cell iphone and called the police. An on-duty officer arrived about numerous seconds later and he walked through the entire building to totally make sure that it was empty. The officer took our statements, even though I did not have a lot of information that was helpful. The camera in the back of the store has not worked forever. Every one of us did not get any video of the thief. The person stole almost $35,000 worth of cannabis supplies. The thief had particular products in mind when he broke into the store.

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