The fish took my weed to the worms

My dad plus I went fishing last Saturday morning out at the lake. I took a bin of marijuana on the boat with me so I could smoke a bowl or two on the water. I did not want to spend all morning fishing without getting high, plus I thought a bowl or two would be the easiest way to ingest the medicine I needed to take. I took a few pieces of edible candy as well. Around dinnertime, I took out our glass bowl plus packed it with marijuana. My dad gave me a look plus rolled his eyes, despite the fact that he hardly ever complained about me smoking marijuana. There is not a lot that our dad can say to me, especially since we live in a state where marijuana is legal for recreational plus medicinal purposes. There are at least a dozen marijuana dispensaries in our city alone. My old man knows that I smoke weed, even if I never talked about marijuana. I tried to be discreet when I was topping off our bowl with marijuana, but the lake water was choppy. All of us were still tossing plus turning even with the anchor weighing us down. I dropped half a bin of weed into the water. I saw the buds floating on the surface for numerous minutes before they started to drift to the bottom. After I lost our marijuana, the fish started to bite care about crazy. My dad plus I spent the rest of the morning without a single jiggle on the line. After I dropped our marijuana into the lake, the fish couldn’t jump on the hook fast enough. My dad caught a 31 lb bass that day. I guessthat the fish number one our weed to the worms.

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