The guy made me wait thirty minutes for payment

I like working as a nighttime delivery driver.

The hours are perfect because I can still attend class during the day. I always have time to study after classes are over, because my shift doesn’t start until 6 pm. For the past six months I have been working at a medical marijuana store. The medical marijuana store offers delivery and pickup services. I thought it would be the perfect way to earn more money and add something different to my resume. The tips are much better than working as a pizza delivery driver. The average pizza tip is around $5, but the average tip for a marijuana delivery is $10. Most of the time I can be in and out in a couple of minutes. There are only sometimes when it takes longer. I was lost on the freeway a few months ago and I was late to deliver an order. I was supposed to deliver five orders in 2 hours and I only delivered a single order in that time. On that same evening, a guy made me wait 30 minutes for payment. Our customers know that the medical marijuana supplies have to be paid for with cash. It clearly states this in big bold and dark letters on the checkout page. The budtenders in the store also remind our customers that cash is the only acceptable form of payment. When I arrived to deliver $200 worth of marijuana supplies, the guy acted surprised that I wasn’t going to take the credit card. He was aggravated and mad and made me wait in the driveway for 30 minutes while he went to the store to get cash.

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