The laws have changed, but not the attitude.

I thought that when the laws changed, legalizing marijuana, that people would be happy.

It seems that although the laws have changed, the attitude of some of these people haven’t. I was surprised to see my aunt being one of the biggest hypocrites. I remember my grandmother using her as an example of how people could change. She used to tell me that my aunt was always getting caught using drugs. Her drug of choice was marijuana. Grandma said how even she herself was one of those hippies hanging out in the square and openly smoking pot and blowing it in the face of police officers. She thought it was all part of growing up, and showing your independence. Back then, a little pot or drinking was kind of overlooked. When my aunt got older, it wasn’t tolerated like it was in the sixties. Now, twenty years later, smoking pot was frowned on and so many people had permanent arrest records because they were caught with marijuana. She always cautioned me to stay away from it. I couldn’t believe how cool my grandma was when they finally legalized marijuana. She asked me if I could go to the dispensary and pick her up some of those gummies. She said they would help her old arthritic joints. My aunt was horrified. She said she couldn’t believe people were legalizing that stuff and it was the downfall of humanity. Grandma laughed and I bit my tongue, knowing her past. It’s funny to think that the first person I tried marijuana with was my grandmother. Marijuana is not something I would use as a crutch, anymore than alcohol, but it sure does make for some interesting memories with grandma..

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