The lemon lime flavored soda was the best option

This year on 4/20, every single item in the dispensary was 30% off.

  • It’s the biggest sale that I have ever seen at the dispensary and I was excited to take advantage of the awesome prices.

It’s hard to find Edibles on sale and the dispensary only has one day each week when they are available. On 4/20, everything including the Edibles was 30% off. My friends and I decided to try a tincture that has a very high amount of THC. The tincture is sick like cough syrup and it is available in a variety of flavors like grape, raspberry, tropical punch, bubble gum, lemon-lime, grape, pineapple, and even mocha. My friends and I decided to get the grape flavored tincture because grape was the flavor that the budtender suggested for us. Jack was trying to get the budtender to give him her phone number. She honestly didn’t seem the least bit interested in my scrawny friend. At least he has charm and Charisma and he doesn’t like to give up easily. I would say at least that much for the guy. That didn’t get the girls number, but we did end up with some pretty good deals on marijuana products. We went from the dispensary to the convenience store so we could pick out some soda to mix with our tincture. Lemon lime soda seemed like a very good choice. I grabbed a package of Solo cups from the store and we mixed up four drinks. I added a small amount of grape elixir to each one of the cups. It tasted horrible, but we drank every sip in our cups.