The pizza guy wanted to hit the marijuana bong

My friends and I were hanging out at my apartment on a cold and rainy night. We were playing video games and we were getting high on recreational marijuana. It’s really nice to live in a state where recreational marijuana can be accessed easily. The taxes are pretty high, but I’d rather pay the high taxes then worry about going to jail just because I want to buy an eighth of weed. My friends and I were supposed to go to a concert that night, but it was rained out. It was right on the edge of freezing, so it was raining but it was really cold outside that’s why we decided to stay at the apartment to play video games. We had a pretty good World of Warcraft tournament going on so I ordered pizza from one of the places close to the apartment. We got a cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, and one with sausage and onions for my girlfriend. She was hanging out with us too. She Blends in with all of the guys. That’s one of the things I love most about her. She doesn’t mind letting down her hair to have some fun. The pizza delivery guy didn’t mind letting down his hair to have some fun either. When he delivered the pizzas, we were smoking a joint. He wanted to come into our apartment to smoke marijuana with us. I didn’t think there was much harm, but my girlfriend stopped me and reminded me that the kid might not be old enough to use recreational marijuana. When I asked the kid for ID, he laughed and told me to have a nice night.



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