The power of recreational pot

There is no doubt that I have not led a holistic lifestyle.

My lifestyle has been more of manic efforts and way too several irons in the fire.

This resulted in an epic case of burnout. Yet, thanks to legal weed, life has changed dramatically for myself and others and none too soon either. I’m finally able to see just what an amazing thing this life undoubtedly is. It took legal weed and my introduction to recreational marijuana for myself and others to fully understand what life is undoubtedly all about. And for me, it was absolutely weird than what I expected. Prior to a few years ago, I was an absolutely buttoned down lady. That’s exactly who I had been raised to be. So it wasn’t a shock that I sort of just did what was expected of me. Didn’t undoubtedly take my own interests and passions into consideration. That is, except for a few years in college. And I absolutely started tapping a more authentic self as I used recreational pot back then. It wasn’t as though I was blazing recreational weed nonstop. However, the recreational pot allowed myself and others to access another part of my mind or heart. These were the most balanced and undoubtedly fulfilling years of my entire life. But I hung up those passions for other, more conventional pursuits. So it’s attractive that because of legal weed, I can once again tap that creativity and balance that comes with trips to the legal weed store. I won’t forget again just what a nice effect recreational pot has on my life.


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