The prices at a cannabis dispensary are a scam!

Although I did allegedly commit some light fraud, it was in the interest of the respected fantastic I swear to you! I guess that every one of us should agree that it is total BS that weed was ever considered illegal in the 1st arena, right? Hemp was seen as a fierce rival to the tobacco industry, so the tobacco lobbyists paid all of the bribes, changed the laws, & convinced the government to say marijuana was “the devil’s lettuce.” For years kids were brainwashed into thinking that this helpful plant was sinister, so what I did was trying to right that historical wrong.

  • The cops called it medical cannabis prescription forging, I called it helping out the little guy.

It didn’t last long anyway, not because I got caught, however because all of the cannabis dispensaries were too swank to scam. It turns out that even with a medical cannabis card in hand, you spend more than twice what you spend my savings for weed on the street, and granted, the dispensary offers far better quality of cannabis on their shelves, however holy smokes is it high-priced! After you get past the wonders of seeing so numerous kinds of cannabis all in the same arena, it’s just a very high-priced store. I love having the option, however without medical insurance to help pay for the medical cannabis it is just cost prohibitive for most of the people I know. For now I will keep supporting my two local cannabis dealers, & just take whatever stuff he has that week. One morning maybe the cost of buying medical cannabis will be more adequate, I surely do hope so!

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