The storms caused some car trouble for me

I’ve been experiencing some electrical trouble with my car.

I didn’t know what problems were causing the electrical trouble, but I knew that every once in a while a fuse would blow or I would lose the radio.

I never had any issues with the rain until one day when I was delivering products for the marijuana delivery service. It started raining very hard and I had 6 deliveries on my schedule. I saw the lights begin to flicker when I was on the interstate. I got off the interstate and onto a city road, just in case I had to pull over quickly because of a major system issue. Thank goodness that I decided to do that, because the car completely died out 15 minutes later. It seemed like the rain was causing a short everywhere in the car. I did my best to figure out how to get the car to start again, but I was not successful. I contacted my boss and she contacted all of the customers that were expecting deliveries from the marijuana service. She called another one of my co-workers to come pick up all of the orders and I called the insurance company to have a tow truck pick me up and take me to a place where the car could be sex. I had to leave the car in the shop for 3 days while the mechanic looked at the electrical systems. Thankfully, they were able to pinpoint the problem and fix it for good. Breaking down during a rainstorm was no fun at all.

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