The whole farm was shut down while the government reviewed the paperwork

Out on the farm, the two of us cultivate a number of cannabis strains! At any given time, our Harvest might include strains appreciate Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout cookies, & OG Kush.

  • All of us also cycle through other cannabis strains appreciate Skywalker OG, yellow dream, & chemdawg.

All of us filled out all of our government paperwork about 18 months ago. All of us hired a law firm to help us with the paperwork. All of us didn’t have any problems getting the necessary licenses & the farm began mass production. All of us picked up multiple different dispensaries & the two of us were earning multiple figures in the first multiple months that the farm was cultivating & harvesting cannabis; Someone in the government building must have noticed the farm was doing well, because our business was shut down a few days ago, and the whole farm was shut down & the two of us were halted from being able to harvest or cultivate. The state government claims that our paperwork was not filled out respectfully. They forced me to hire a cannabis consulting firm & law agency. The cannabis consulting firm & law agency is helping me argument the case so I can continue to labor while the two of us figure things out. The county officials came to the property in the middle of harvest season & they claimed to have a warrant to shut everything down, but my business is suffering because of a couple of glitches in the paperwork, but i am hoping that the consulting firm & cannabis lawyer will be able to make some sense of things, however every day the two of us are losing thoUnited Statesnds of dollars & the employees are out of work.


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