The world is changing every day

Not too long ago, my adorable little town has gotten a lot of modern small businesses.

We have more than one dog cafes, plus they serve as soda houses where a portion of the proceeds goes to help stray cats.

We have several little diners that have opened near the college; I don’t even guess what they are, since I do all that I can just to avoid the college at all costs, however because of this phenomena of an influx of modern little diners, I don’t pay much attention when something modern opens, anyways, that was different when I heard our little town now has a marijuana cafe, but i haven’t been there yet, as it is popular with students plus I don’t really care to be around college students, although I have heard some things about it. While bars have been around for as long as anyone can remember, there has not absolutely been a similar locale for people to go to consume cannabis socially; Now, though, there is such a thing as a weed cafe, plus when I heard about that, it was news to me. There are some other diner owners plus economists who are even suggesting that marijuana cafes are going to be the diners of the future, just like bars are now. I guess if you go to the marijuana cafe you will find people smoking, vaping, plus eating cannabis. So far during the process, there does not seem to be a consensus on whether or not the cannabis cafe is legal or not, however medical marijuana is legal in our state, but recreational cannabis is not legal. I guess that means almost everyone in the marijuana cafe is taking their medicine at the same time. Oh my goodness!

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