There was only six grams left

Last night, the weather outside was positively beautiful, and it was 75 degrees with a gentle breeze.

The sun was getting ready to set and the sky was filled with yellow, red, and orange colors.

I could see the moon and the sun together in the sky. I decided to sit outside on the screened porch while I filled a cone with marijuana. I have been trying to roll a joint for years, but I have a hard time, and pre rolled cones make the process much easier and it is cheaper than buying a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette from the cannabis dispensary. My dog was on the porch with me as well, he was sitting under the chair quietly until the acquaintance walked by with a cat. My dog started going crazy and he jumped up on the table next to me. The bag of marijuana fell on the ground and all of the buds started rolling under the porch, however everything happened really quickly and I couldn’t save all of the marijuana in time. I started with a half ounce of blue dream and I had 6 grams of marijuana left after the bag fell on the ground. The dog knocked over the table and I lost most of the contents of the bag, but I couldn’t blame my dog for getting scared. I really shouldn’t have gone outside on the porch to roll a marijuana joint. The next time the weather is perfect for resting outside, I’m going to roll a joint before I go outside. Then I will not have to worry about the dog going crazy.
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