These cannabis products are great

My cousin is kind of a weird dude.  I love him dearly and I think that he is very cool, but he isn’t like anyone I know.  He doesn’t want or need the same things that everyone else his age, is looking for. He is happy with his bicycle and he says that cars are just a possession that he doesn’t need.  My aunt gets a bit upset with him and her nicest thing to say is that he marches to a beat only he can hear. That is about it, because that is how he is. Charlie is also a bit of a pothead.  He loves smoking pot and he really doesn’t care who knows it. He says if they don’t like it, then they can leave his house. He lives in his own apartment, and he feels he has the right to do what he wants when he is the one paying the bills.  A couple weeks ago, Charlie told me that he was going to be moving to the West Coast. He said he is tired of all of the narrow-minded people who live here. He says they all need to get the stick out and realize that what he is using is healthier than doctor prescribed sedatives and antidepressants.  He calls them hypocrites because they are using all of those drugs, but he shouldn’t be using marijuana. He plans on taking a job in one of the smoke joints where they sell marijuana. He is hoping to one day be able to open his own smoke shop. I really hope it works out for him, but I will miss him.

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