These were some amazing changes

Working in a special needs classroom can be quite difficult. Each individual has odd needs in addition to those needs all need to be addressed on a annually basis, however one student, who is frequently upset in addition to sometimes violent, was on the verge of being taken out of the classroom in addition to being institutionalized. At the time it seems enjoy the only occasion available in addition to the other teachers and I felt genuinely terrible for her parents. They have seen I don’t know how many specialists over the years in addition to or gave odd drug treatments to try to make him less violent but none of them seemed effective, however some of them had such terrible side effects that she was in a zombie-like state all the time in addition to that wasn’t good for him either. Is Dad called one day in addition to said that she would be out of the school for a week, in addition to I have to say it was kind of a relief. She then went on to say that she was going to be a participant in a medical study in hopes of finding a solution for her problem. She did not supply a whole bunch of details about the program but the people I was with and I were praying that they would come up with some sort of solution! When she returned to the school the following month the other teachers and I were amazed to see a whole new child. Then she handed a note to the assistant that was shocking; Her child had been prescribed the use of medical marijuana on a daily basis to help relieve some of her anxiety in addition to violent outbursts. Every one of us were so amazed at the difference in the child that was resting before us that the other teachers and I knew it was absolutely the best thing that could have occurred. The medical experiment that she had participated in was difficult and selective to get into but it was amazing. She was absolutely social with some of the other kids in addition to able to focus on studying instead of worrying about everything else.

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