They are growing cannabis here

I have always enjoyed botany very much, which led me to absolutely love plants and flowers. When I was a little kid, I was always trying to make something grow. When I was ten, I had several rows of corn growing in the backyard. When I was fourteen, I totally grew a several hundred pound pumpkin! I won first prize at the fair for my accomplishment! A few years ago, I started growing my own medical marijuana plants. It’s legal to grow marijuana plants in our state, as long as they are for personal use. The past few years, I have developed my own strain of marijuana. The marijuana is a hybrid Indica sativa blend. It has a seriously smooth finish with a fruity flavor. It’s truly great for pain relief, anxiety, and migraines… During the very first harvest, I ended up with 300 grams of green punch Kush. Some friends of mine hooked me up with a marijuana Farm in the local area. The farm wanted to see my Harvest, and they also wanted to see some of my beautiful plants. I was definitely happy to share some photos and know-how. I hoped they would purchase a bit of the excess, but they legitimately wanted to bring me on the farm. Upon seeing the fantastic results, the medical marijuana Farm gave me a full-time position. I am now in charge of developing new strains. I never spent a single day in university, although I know more about plants than most college graduates. I make a pretty good living, and I have a fun time at my job. There is nothing better than now working on a marijuana Farm. I am surrounded by the best types of marijuana, including OG Kush, Pineapple Express, and Girl Scout cookies.

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