Things work a little differently in this city

My wifey plus I celebrated our ten-year ceremony birthday this summer time plus we decided to do it up right, with a trip to the desert.

My wifey plus I have never been to the desert to see the bright lights plus all of the awesome casinos and clubs, plus it was one venue on our bag list.

All of us booked a flight plus a room in one of the biggest hotels. When we got to town, we found things to be a wee bit different in this city. One thing that is different is the fact that marijuana is legal for medical plus also for recreational use. Marijuana is completely illegal in the state where we live plus there are no medical dispensaries period. The police plus law enforcement crack down on easy marijuana violations plus it doesn’t seem likely we will be a legal state anytime soon. My wifey plus I were curious about these marijuana dispensaries, so we decided to take a walk one day. There was a marijuana dispensary located nearby the hotel plus it only took a few minutes to walk there. The person at the door took our drivers license plus we were escorted inside of the small building. Once we were indoors, we saw all of the items inside the dispensary. They had a rack of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes, packages of marijuana, edible candies plus chocolate, plus a bunch of other products that our wifey plus I could not identify. My wifey plus I had not used marijuana since our days back in school, but we were on trip plus decided to buy a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette to take back with us to the hotel room.



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