This is how you bake a space cake

Working in a special needs classroom can be overwhelming and downright hard, and each individual has different needs plus they all need to be tended to on a biweekly basis; One student, who tended to be really anxious plus frequently violent, was on the verge of being taken out of university plus institutionalized. At the time it was as if it was the only option available plus every one of us felt really emotional for his parents. They have seen numerous specialist over the years plus or offered different drug treatments help but none of them seemed effective. Some of them had such debilitating side effects that he was in a robotic state all the time plus that wasn’t the best for him either. The boy’s Mom called one day plus said that he would be out of university for 10 days, plus I have to admit it was kind of a relief. She then went on to say that he was going to be participating in a current study in expectations of finding a solution for his ongoing health matters. She did not give numerous details about the program but every one of us were praying and praying for her that they would come up with some sort of solution. When he returned to university 10 days later every one of us were amazed to see a different child. Then she handed a note to the school nurse that was shocking, but her child had been prescribed the use of medical marijuana every single morning to help relieve some of his anxiety plus violent tendencies. All of us were so amazed at the difference in the child that was resting before us that every one of us was absolutely certain it was particularly the best thing that could have happened. The study that he had participated in was quite challenging to get into but it was a life-changing turn of events for him. He was particularly social with some of the other children plus able to concentrate on learning instead of acting out.

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