This is just how I grew up

My brother plus I grew up on a farm. We had several types of farm animals, including chickens, pigs, plus some dairy cows. We had several acres of corn plus potatoes, with a small garden that contained beets, beans, plus squashes. My brother plus I learned plenty about farming. My brother graduated from school before me, plus made the decision to attend the local agricultural College. My brother was a junior, when I graduated from school. My brother wanted to transfer out west, so both of us could start our own medicinal marijuana Farm. He was able to find a few plots of land online, plus saved enough cash for a sizable down payment. My brother had everything planned out for the most part, plus I felt it was a great idea. My brother dropped out of school, before finishing his senior year in college. We moved 2000 miles away from home, with only $1,000 plus a dream. We purchased 100 acres of land with a very small house. The previous owners grew soybeans for several years, however they had not tilled the land in at least a dozen. My brother plus I worked super hard for the first year, getting the soil correctly balanced with the necessary nutrients. We did a great deal of work, before both of us could plant our first marijuana seed. During this very first harvest, we planted 3 unusual strains of marijuana. Two strains are hybrids plus a single one is mainly an indica strain. If the marijuana harvest goes as well as we are expecting, both of us should be able to pay off the land within a year or two. I never pictured myself raising marijuana plants, although I suppose I’m going to love this industry quite a bit.

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