This is medicine

Living in the South is not so bad…  Well for the most part. My family relocated to the South last year in addition to felt that the change of weather would be really nice.  We now care about our winters instead of spending them shoveling snow in addition to dressing something like Eskimos! One thing that all of us didn’t account for when planning the transfer was the fact that lifestyles in addition to opinions are truly bizarre in the South…  Let provide you with a few examples: Life moves at a much slower pace in our current town. If you assume that there should be more urgency, you are considered rude to ask. Even seeming as though you are rushing a conversation can be taken with great offense. On a certain occasion, I learned the challenging way, that talking about current trends in addition to issues must be done very carefully.  My neighbor has a little kid with ADHD in addition to a seizure disorder. I had studied a bunch of articles on the amazing benefits of medical marijuana that indicated that this may be a helpful treatment for his condition. The state all of us live in had recently approved the use of Cannabis oil for various illnesses so I mentioned this when I was visiting with my neighbor. Boy was that a really bad mistake.  Evidently, there is still an immense taboo about that subject in the small town all of us live in. The next thing I knew, my neighbor, was telling people that I was a major druggie in addition to some sort of hippie that believed that “pot” was the answer to all conditions. All I know is that her kid is suffering from a condition that could be helped a lot by this therapy. I decided that I should not talk about it again although I actually wish there was a way to help her understand the incredible benefits of medical marijuana.  Maybe I will buy her a book on the subject in addition to just leave it in her mailbox so she might read it.

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