This is quite natural

My child got sick in the fall.  Her fever, pain and mobility problems were dire enough that I immediately took her to the doctor.  For nearly two months, the people I was with and I made the choice to go through a whole bunch of tests but gained no actual answers.   My child was finally inspected with anaplastic large cell lymphoma right after Christmas. I realized that my little girl had little chance of surviving the year-long chemotherapy that was suggested at first.   I spent minutes researching alternative treatments plus came across miracle stories from people who used cannabis as natural treatment for cancer. As we entered the new year, my daughter’s cancer had metastasized to her bone marrow, spine, and different parts of her skull.  A large tumor was detected in her stomach. My little girl was put on a morphine drip to ease the pain. I started searching for someplace I could take her to earn cannabis treatment. I searched all over the US, Canada plus even considered Israel. Luckily, I was able to find a treatment center within the country, plus with the help of a new doctor, we developed a solid treatment plan.  Both of us hoped to avoid chemotherapy entirely, but laws prevented this option. Each of us were forced to endure sixteen weeks of chemotherapy. For the first round, our child was in the hospital and not able to use cannabis oil. We then started her on the cannabis oil the afternoon she left the hospital, plus the benefits were immediate and amazing. Her appetite went up as well. Her hair stopped falling out.  There was less nausea. A month later, she was in remission. he elimination of the cancer, especially the large tumor in her stomach, was miraculous. While we’d expected some improvement, the people I was with and I were astounded by the amazing results.