This is where marijuana is grown

Edibles are my number one way to use cannabis. I have been smoking cannabis, since I was a youngster. It wasn’t legal back during those days, so all of us did not have a good selection. The Cannabis was mostly dirt & seeds, with little taste or stink. Now that cannabis has become more mainstream, there are a ton of ways to have a great High. A lot of folks still care about burning the flower, although I undoubtedly care about Edibles. These edibles are undoubtedly my number one way to ingest cannabis. I suffer from very bad asthma, & smoking makes me hack & cough quite a bit. I do not have to fret about coughing with Edibles. The local cannabis dispensary has an excellent variety of edible cannabis treats. The marijuana dispensary has pot brownies & cookies. They have plenty of hard candies, in flavors like lemon, tangerine, & strawberry. They also have different types of gummies, like sharks, bears, & worms. Each of the Cannabis Edibles are made with a different strain, and some of the Cannabis Edibles are made with quality sativa blends & some are made with Indica blends. My number one edible is chocolate. The marijuana dispensary has this tasty 90% THC chocolate bar. The chocolate bar has almonds & toffee bits, & you cannot even taste the marijuana at all. One square of the chocolate bar has enough THC, for long lasting effects. In my opinion, edibles are totally the best way to use recreational or medical cannabis. I assume some folks will disagree, & that’s why the cannabis dispensary has such great business. Everyone prefers to ingest marijuana in all sorts of different ways.

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