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Anytime someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, it’s horrible news.  When cancer invades the brain of your 2-year old son, it’s an awful tragedy.  Along with all of the awful symptoms caused by the cancer, my hubby and I watched our little boy suffer from the symptoms of the chemotherapy treatment.  Our kid was not able to live a normal existence anymore. The side-effects of the brain tumor, drugs, and chemotherapy were destroying his overall quality of life.  She was unable to eat a normal meal, was swallowing multiple unusual pain medications everyday, and usually vomiting. After doing some long term research on our own, my hubby and I came across the many benefits of medical marijuana.  We then argued and insisted until our son’s nurses gave us a final approval to try medical marijuana. We introduced cannabis oil into our son’s feeding tube and his symptoms instantly lessened. Our little boy began eating normal food again, and both of us slowly weaned him off the many medications.  We understood the big risk in introducing cannabis into a young and still-growing brain without knowing the impact on development. The amount of toxic items which can be a result of the marijuana hasn’t been thoroughly studied. With our son’s septic shock, there was a option her brain growth could have been stunted. However, the massive amounts of pain medication were also a threat to the growth of her brain. Since the medical marijuana both of us were able to check our kid out of I.C.U and bring him house with us.  He is now a cheerful little dude, who is gradually healing and enjoying a more normal life.

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