Time to fire him

Summer is regularly so overheated and overwhelmingly humid.

The average temperatures are over 97 degrees and it rains everyday because of the intense humidity.

The heat is honestly beyond terrible and nothing helps get rid of the muggy and wet feeling. I’m super lucky that I get to job indoors. Only a couple of my friends have to go do my job outside every day in the Summer. I think I am honestly lucky that I get to prefer a/c at my job. I have a job in a pot shop. The two of us sell a lot of unusual recreational and medical marijuana supplies to everyone. The pot shop also has a small seating section with a television, couch, and a full snack bar. Several afternoons ago, I was working behind the counter at the pot shop. I simply was helping some clients fill a cannabis order. I knew it was getting warmer in the store that afternoon, but I was trying to ignore the problem. When someone in the snack bar started to personally complain about the indoor temperatures too, I got up from my spot and finally checked on the control machine and the indoor temperature. When I realized it was about 81 degrees inside of the pot shop, I immediately called the service technician that normally works on the a/c. Two minutes later, a service professional arrived to quickly check on the a/c. I found out that the new guy plugged the return vent with a huge box. The box of t-shirts was blocking the return vent and the a/c did not have proper airflow. The poor service guy told me that was honestly the problem.

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